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“Big W” is the best choice for small businesses because we offer so much more than just custom website design.  We ONLY take a limited number of Small Local Businesses as clients and we provide services that have traditionally been unaffordable to small businesses.

We provide YOU with the services of:
·         In-house Marketing Director
·         Professional Advertising Agency
·         Graphic Designer
·         Marketing Consultant
·         Website Designer / Webmaster
·         Social Network Marketer
·         Web Advertising Media Publisher
Ø We work for YOU - You are our Client, not a customer and we keep Your best interest first and foremost!
Ø We evaluate YOUR business and apply a “holistic marketing” approach to develop a streamlined, comprehensive strategy that saves you money and gets results.
Ø We help YOU define your company’s identity, to help let your prospective customers know who you are, what you do, and why you are their best choice!
Ø We develop a creative branding strategy for YOU, including logo design (if you need a new logo) and development of taglines, catch phrases and slogans as appropriate to YOUR needs to keep your company’s name first in the minds of your potential customers.
Ø We design and develop YOUR advertising campaigns, including graphic design of web ads, providing uniformity, consistency and maximum results with less of your effort and time.
Ø WE DESIGN YOUR CUSTOM WEBSITE! So you don’t have to do without a website, or settle for a poor looking and performing - cheap website.
Ø We maintain YOUR website as YOUR Webmaster! So you can focus on doing what you do best!
Ø We use our proven (proprietary) methods to improve the search engine results of YOUR website and drive traffic to YOUR website and YOUR business.
Ø We will assist YOU in creating or improving and effectively using YOUR social network page(s).  We have a network of social network pages and groups with thousands of LOCAL members, friends and followers that we will use to promote YOUR social network page, website and business to your target audience, in your area.
Ø We advertise for YOUR business on our Popular Local Online Magazines, getting exposure for your business, directly driving sales and establishing you as THE EXPERT in your field.
Ø We advertise for Your Business in our TOP RANKED COUPON WEBSITES, getting maximum exposure for your business.
Ø We provide links to Your website, from our other websites, our blogs, and websites of our other clients as appropriate, to promote traffic to and search ranking of Your Website.
Ø We promote your business on our large LOCAL Facebook groups putting Your Business in front of thousands of Engaged, Local members.
We are LOCALS!  We love our home!
We have small business marketing expertise, tenacity
and vast knowledge of the local market.
We are ready to go to work for you!

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