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Big W Marketing & Publishing LLC
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Big W Marketing & Publishing LLC
web design - social marketing - branding
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Why Big W!
 Big W is the best choice for small businesses because:

We offer so much more than just custom website design and provide services that have traditionally been unaffordable to small businesses.

We work for YOU - You are our Client, not a customer and we keep Your best interest first and foremost!
We evaluate YOUR business and apply a “holistic marketing” approach to develop a streamlined, comprehensive strategy that saves you money and gets results.

We Design Your Custom Website at an Affordable Price,  so you don’t have to do without a website, or settle for a poor looking and performing - bad website.
Big W helps YOU define your company’s identity, to help let your prospective customers know who you are, what you do, and why you are their best choice!

We develop a creative branding strategy for YOU, including logo design (if you need a new logo) and development of taglines, catch phrases and slogans as appropriate to YOUR needs to keep your company’s name first in the minds of your potential customers.

Also, Big W can help optimize your "Google My Business" listing to help consumers find your website and business.
Big W has
small business marketing expertise,
tenacity and knowledge of local markets
and We are
Ready to go to Work for You!

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